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2017 Brisbane Half Marathon Race Report | Brisbane Marathon Festival

This past fall I had the opportunity to speak to a group of photographers at an international conference in Queensland, Australia.  If you’re looking for someone to speak on legalities or strategies of running a business or need an inspirational talk – my information can be found here.  

Since I’m in the height of training for Ironman Maryland – having a supported race down under was perfect timing.  Plus, it was winter in Australia. Me + cold weather = happy!!

Blurry from running – I was going for a PR baby!

We arrived Friday prior to the Sunday race and had about 48 hours to adjust (note: we didn’t).  Since I’m based on the East Coast in the Washington D.C. area, the time difference was so drastic that when I was waking up the family was going to bed (from the day before).  It was a full 14 hours but that didn’t hurt for race day wakeup. 

Due to the nature of my schedule, we were unable to do packet pickup on Saturday, instead we had driven in super late from Twin Waters (approximately an hour drive) at 11pm and hit the hotel bed.  We stayed at a hotel right outside the Botanical Gardens and start /finish areas.  This was absolutely perfect, great hotel, great price, great location – highly recommend the Capri!

We woke up early, walked down to packet pick up, got our packets and off we went.  It was cutting it close a little since we had gotten turned around – but all was good.  The only downfall was that I’m a huge visor person – and one was included with packet pickup…yet since we didn’t get packets until the morning of they were out.  The nice packet people gave me a Brisbane Marathon Festival shirt (from the previous year) but it was still super accommodating!

Rushing from packet pick up over to start wasn’t bad – but I did lose my headphones. Guess I’m going without tunes!  I also had decided to forgo my Camelback and just drink on course (which Ill discuss more later).

Off we went – tons of people tons of countries racing. It was pretty awesome!

The course winds down through Brisbane and along the water.  Coming into the water area the bridge was all lit up – it was gorgeous.  We wound through town, back up by water, over by the Brisbane eye (Ferris wheel for you Americans), and the famous Brisbane sign.

It was a very well supported race, and honestly – not much to report.  I wore shorts that rode up the whole time (my fault) and wish I had brought my own water.  I noticed the water on course tasted weird – but my taste buds had been off for a few days. I noticed around mile 11 that there was a sign that said “Don’t drink from fountains or hoses”…and you can guess what they were using to fill the water station drinks…hoses.  I forwent the final water stations and just headed in.

This is a pretty anti-climatic report.  I achieved my goal, in fact, surpassed it by 3 minutes. It was a gorgeous race, one that I would definitely do again if I was in country. Highly recommend!

My goal: cut 7 minutes from May Half Marathon Time

Achieved: cut 10 minutes

Course: Flat and scenic

Do it again? Definitely!

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