Preparing Legally For the New Normal in 2021 with The Fitness Business Podcast

Recently, our head honcho – Rachel Brenke – had an opportunity to hang out and chat fitness business legalities with Dori Nugent from The Fitness Business Podcast.

Topics covered:

  • contracts and waivers
  • COVID and running your business
  • diversifying income stream during COVID
  • model releases and social media

You can find all information and listen here!

Just a peek: 

  • 0:06- Fitness Business Podcast Snapshot
  • 2:57- Rachel Brenke, welcome to the show
  • 9:12- Key updates that need to be made in membership terms and conditions
  • 12:50- Revamping the member waiver
  • 21:15- The legality of posting pics and videos, of members, on the clubs social media platforms and websites.
  • 26:04- Privacy laws with texting and emailing members or potential members

Come listen!


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