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As Seen: The Same 24 Hours + Rachel Brenke – Fit Legally

Creativity can be more than a passion; it can be a livelihood, too, but only if you’re willing to develop the business plan and legal protection necessary to thrive. ┬á-Rachel Brenke


Meredith Atwood invited Rachel on The Same 24 Hours podcast to talk about things that can help you have a successful business.


Key points to listen to:

  • How Rachel balances her life and schedule
  • How to know when it’s time to hire people to help you
  • How mismanaging exceptions can cause legal issues for your business
  • Why being proactive instead of reactive can save you money
  • What entrepreneurs need to think about regarding their businesses
  • Why protecting your intellectual property is important and how to defend it



The full episode can be found at The Same 24 Hours.



As Seen:  The Same 24 Hours + Rachel Brenke - Fit Legally

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