Why you should attend the Iron + Mortar Summit with me!

This September 2017 I have the honor of speaking at the inaugural Iron + Mortar Summit in Washington.   The Iron + Mortar: PNW Affiliate Summit aims to be the most authentic and genuine conference for our industry, to date. Everything about this event equips gym + box owners with the network and knowledge you need to take your business to the next level, or to get it off the ground. Iron + Mortar recognizes that you are passionate about fitness and training, but we also understand that you have yourself, your family, and your future to take care of. 

I absolutely LOVE seeing this available to small business owners, up close and personal.  

To help you understand a bit more about my excitement – here’s a quick Q&A with yours truly to talk about this summit!


Why do you think Iron + Mortar Summit will be worth people’s time and money?

So much of the fitness community has focused with online education and interaction..this omits a very important element to entrepreneurship – NOT FEELING ALONE.  Getting to actually see, touch, pinch (okay don’t pinch) fellow business owners who go through the same struggles and successes.  It’s too easy to become a social media facade and not a real person. Iron + Mortar is going to tear this down and give you this piece of the puzzle that is missing..oh yea..and all the great education coming from these speakers too 😉



Does it really make a difference connecting with people in real life vs only online?


Yes. Yes and so much Yes.  In person doesn’t let you hide behind facades. It doesn’t let you fade into the background.  You are front, center, and pushing the boundaries of you as a person to further your business.


Who should come to this Summit?

Any affiliate owner or head coach who has disproportionately spent money on equipment, advertising, retail, marketing, etc – but still doesn’t have it all figured out.  If you jumped into owning a business, without some of the business “know-how” that is required…I highly recommend that you INVEST in your business by coming to I+M and learning topic experts and others who have more experience than you do in various fields of business.


Tell me about a big fail you are passionate about helping others avoid.

Doing things wrong.  I wish I had a roadmap laid out FOR me when I started in my entrepreneurship journey. Yes, there is beauty in learning lessons from mistakes.  But that can be lost money, time, and energy.   Let us do the work for you, to help build you.


Share one “Sneak Peak” of education and/or a giveaway you will be bringing to the Summit

I’m going to be discussing real-hard truths about the business and legal protections needed in business.  My goal is for you to learn here so you don’t have to be in my inbox later (with a huge lawyer bill ) to unscrew things that may have happened.


What should people do to prepare to get the most out of your working lunch, breakout session?

Paper. Pen. Open mind. Checklist ready.  You will walk out with a checklist. So much knowledge, trust me, you’re going to want more!

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