As a wider hipped and larger-than-average-gluteal woman, I have issues with two-piece triathlon suits as the top rides up around my rib cage.  As a momma of five, this isn’t a pretty sight nor is it comfortable.  I had snaps sewn into the hip bone area on the front, and slightly higher up on the back to allow for bending forward on the bike. 

I opt for two-piece suits for multiple reasons (bathroom, chamois choices, and vanity).  I am a hard-core advocate of the Coeur tri shorts but want to be able to change out tops. 

I snagged the snaps at Michaels for about $4.  

Sew snaps into tris uit Sew snaps into tris uit


You can see it worn here with no issues:

Ironman Eagleman 70.3 Race Report

I watched many women lean forward on the bike, their tops ride up and had a potential for sunburn. I spent the whole bike ride at Eagleman letting them know so they can pull down for the sake of sun protectant!


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