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The Path to Business Success in 2021

This time of year brings about a wave of new fitness enthusiasts and business owners. The crowd in which you are sending out your message has grown drastically overnight and competition is high. Having a solid plan going forward in 2021 will set you apart from other fitness professionals advertising how they’ll help clients get […]

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How Contracts Prevent Bickering

Contracts give you, the provider of services, protection with clients who may be unsatisfied or refuse to pay. They also defines the boundaries of the relationship and manages expectations. In other words, it prevents bickering. Many rules come into play with contracts, including statutory laws and court rulings. And all of those words and clauses […]

Why Sharing Contracts is a Bad Idea

Sometimes you can take shortcuts in life. You may start by renting a building instead of buying it, or buying used equipment instead of something brand new. But there are some areas, like legal advice, where you should not cut corners. One legal area that should never be skipped: contracts. Using someone else’s contract, even […]

To Trade or Not to Trade?

Have you ever had a potential fitness client who is a fellow business owner? Someone who has a service you are needing, or interested in? Here’s where the idea of bartering comes in. To barter means to exchange goods or services without money. It’s a tradition in many cultures and pretty common in the business […]

5 Reasons You Need a Written Contract

Your fitness business has a goal to make money, and in order to protect that money, you’ll need a written contract. Contracts communicated verbally or through another mean aside from a signed contract may be enforceable, but it’s so much easier to enforce a signed, written contract. Here are five reasons why.   It’s Easier […]

run bottle and smartshake

Review: Run Bottle by Smartshake

Smartshake provided the products for review and FitLegally® fell in LOVE. Smartshake, one of the leading manufacturers of water and shaker bottles, has developed a new product targeted at runners; the Run Bottle. This new bottle makes hydrating on-the-go easier, quieter, and may quickly become your new favorite running companion. Picture this: You’re out for […]

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