Dear New Year Resolution Newbies

To the New Years Resolution Newbies:

It’s that time of year again. When you descend on the gyms, pools and tracks. Taking up space. Dirtying the towels. Making it harder to find a parking space. 

? I don’t want you….

-to avoid filling up the gym lobby, weight room, treadmills, track. Be wherever you want to be.

-to hurry and cut corners on your workout because I’m waiting. Take your time. This is your gym too.

-to avoid jumping on that weight machine because you don’t know how to use it. Ask me. I still don’t understand them all sometimes.

-to feel like everyone’s watching you with negativity. I’m watching you with camaraderie and encouragement.

-to compare my today to your first day. Your today was my first day once.

-to get frustrated when you fail. Little failures drive you forward. Stay consistent.

-to lump yourself in with the “New Years Resolution Newbies” who will wane off their resolutions in a few weeks. I want you to be different.

⭐️ I don’t want you….to give up.

?? I want you to continue. You’re going to change the world. Yours. Mine. And others too.

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