the legal resource for fitness entrepreneurs
the legal resource for fitness entrepreneurs
Meet Rachel Brenke

Fitness Lawyer + Athlete

As a fitness lawyer and athlete, I provide a unique skill-set that you’re unlikely to find anywhere else.  In fact, throw in the fact I am married to an Army veteran, have five kids, live as a cancer survivor with non-smokers lung disease (!!), and run multiple businesses – you can bet that audiences are interested in how I “do it all”. Not only that, they are definitely interested in what I have to say.

I say this all humbly but also proud that I’ve build such a loyal following that is not only interested in me personally but also what I can provide to fitness business owners.  Whether you’re seeking advisement for your fitness community through speaking engagements or simply a mouthpiece to promote your brand, you’ve come to the right person. 

I’m not a stranger to straddling the fence of both. I’ve done this quite uniquely over at my RachelBrenke brand by showing others how you can run a business + have a life too.  My audience numbers reflect not only the attraction to this messaging, but the continued efforts I put forth for the audience and the brands I promote to them. 

I have a strong, and proven, social following. In my true passion & educational form,

I have created a devoted following across all platforms.

With my strong online presence, I have consistently inspired the industries that I reach.

* denotes all brands and potential customers as many are biz owners and/or athletes.

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I love working with others.

The following are companies I’ve worked with. Whether by sponsored post or speaking appearance.

NBC Sports- Ironman World Championships

As Seen On..

Lawyer or athlete.

Pick one.

Business and Intellectual Property.

The Lawyer.

My entire philosophy is life over business.

So my mission is to help you be efficient, strategic and legally protect you. I have helped entrepreneurs all over the world initiate, strategic and implement strategic business and legal planning.

With multiple successful brands under me, over a decade of experience and the educational qualifications, I am ready to help you succeed the same.


I am a licensed attorney in Virginia, Texas and the Supreme Court of the United States. My focus is on small business law including contracts, business formation and intellectual property such as copyright and trademarks.

MBA & Business Consultant.

With my MBA with an emphasis in leadership and marketing partnered I have invested over a decade of experience helping entrepreneurs succeed.


I combine my experience as a mother of five, running multiple success businesses, and educational qualifications to help implement my philosophy of life over business…but… I still want you to rock business out.

Speaking Previews.

Check it out.

Team USA. Ironman. All World Athlete.

The Athlete.

I not only knows the legal ins-and-outs of running a business but I have a pulse on the industry as an athlete herself.

With an impressive list of accomplishments such as

  • Team USA ’17 & ’18, competed in ITU World Championships Aquathlon (ranked #10 in 2017 & #12 in 2018)
  • Ironman World Championships ’18
  • Ironman Maryland Ambassador ’18,
  • 1st of 6 World Major Stars at NYC ’18
  • USAT Ambassador ’17, ’18, ’19

I work with partners such as: REST performance, Newton Running, Marc Pro, Infinit Loop, Perspective Fitwear.

Past partners: NIKE Swim, Apple Inc.

Current ambassadorships: USAT and Kinetic Multisport

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