How to start a business and have a life too

How to start a business and have a life too

In today’s world, everyone struggles with all the things we are supposed to do vs what we want to do vs what is expected of us to do. And if that wasn’t enough, we decide to start our own business. Is it possible to have a business in this increasingly busy world and still have a life?

Heidi Rew from The Heidi Rew Show recently chatted with Rachel about how she (Rachel) has accomplished so much. Rachel shared thoughts about her journey with cancer, how she works to overcome the mental hurdles of doing a race like Ironman-Kona, and how she got started on her own fitness journey. Rachel shared 2 main things to help kickstart your business and keep it successful.

Key points to listen for:

  • What a unique selling proposition is and why you should have one
  • How knowing who your message is going to will help you grow your business
  • Find what works for you but be willing to be flexible
  • Realize it takes time–nothing will happen overnight
  • Watch for opportunities and seize them when they happen

Click play below to listen to a quick clip from the show.


The whole episode can be found here at The Heidi Rew Show, Episode 53.

How to start a business and have a life too

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