the legal resource for fitness entrepreneurs
the legal resource for fitness entrepreneurs
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Running a personal training business can be extremely difficult. From managing expectations to marketing and down to the legalities.

This is where FitLegally® comes in. As a TEAM USA Athlete, USAT ambassador and lawyer/mba, I understand the complexities and scariness of running a business properly.


These lawyer-drafted contract templates protect your business and your client relationship.  

Includes sections to protect you such as: 

  • Services
  • Term of Services
  • Qualification of services
  • Requirement of questionnaires
  • Client fulfillment of forms
  • Client acquisition of health forms
  • Booking/engagement and payment
  • Dispute resolution options
  • Renewal of term
  • Cancellations
  • Legal miscellany

Both of these products include the following bonus documents:

  • Acknowledgement of Assumption of Risk
  • Client Informational Questionnaire
  • Medical and Exercise History Questionnaire
  • Goals Sheet


Simply download, edit, and have your clients sign before beginning work!

Personal Trainer Contract


This is intended for use in the confines of an in-person training – such as for strength training and form analysis/feedback. This is not intended for group classes. The payment terms are for a set amount per a set number of sessions. 

Online Coaching Contract


This is intended for use in the confines of an online coaching relationship – such as triathlon, running, strength training.  Includes payment terms on month-to-month or longer terms. You can easily identify a custom plan or standard training plan.

What People Are Saying...

“Rachel at ® FitLegally is an excellent resource in verifying the best tools to you use in the Fitness industry.

Her knowledge on contracts ensures the PROPER legal protection is included for trainers and their employees.”

-Ashley M., 3 Degree Fitness

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