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Affiliate Gym Liability Bundle

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Owning and managing a successful affiliate gym can be extremely overwhelming, especially when it comes to the legalities and protecting your business.  With FitLegally’s Affiliate Gym Legal Bundles, you can easily download and implement lawyer-drafted documents.


This bundle includes:

  • Release of Liability Document – release of liability for engagement in activities at the Gym
  • Parent/Legal Guardian Release of Liability – allows for a Member to give the Gym permission to allow an minor to partake in the gym activities
  • Model Release – the Member providing permission to the Gym for use of their likeness in marketing.  This exclusive release also releases the Gym from any compensation claims the member may have against the Gym for sure of their likeness in marketing.


These documents can be used as is, but we still recommend your local state lawyer making some minor tweaks.



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