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Cancellation of Contract Bundle


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No one wants to lose a client, even if they’re a problem client, but it happens. And when it happens, you need to be prepared.

This bundle is to be used in the case when parties may agree to cancel contract or when you have issues with clients – such as lack of communication, non-payment, and other potential issues.

Cancellation of Contract Notice #1 and #2 – use this when you have determined you simply want to cancel the contract with the client, and move forward without pursuing breach.

Cancellation of Contract Agreement is a document for both parties to sign releasing both parties from any further obligations.

Confirmation of Date Letter – use this letter in the situations where clients haven’t confirmed the date and just need a little nudge.

Breach of Contract Letter-  use this letter to notify client they are in breach and have an opportunity to fix the breach (such as missing a payment deadline, etc).


Always send all of these documents registered mail!


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