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Independent Contractor Bundle

$535.00 $399.00

The bundle includes the following forms:

  • Main Independent Contractor Contract
  • Intellectual Property Acknowledgement
  • Offer Letter
  • Property Inventory Form
  • Non-Disclosure Agreement
  • Non-Solicitation Agreement


This independent contractor bundle is for use with 1099/Independent Contractor relationships.


Independent Contractor Contract: this agreement allows for peace of mind between the primary and secondary individuals in a business contractual relationship such as for assistants, graphic designers, etc. Provisions include: assignment, positions defined, duration of contract, retainer, payment, cancellation, equipment, relationship, liability, copyright of intellectual property, confidentiality, liability, insurance, indemnification, choice of arbitration or court venue, attorney’s fees, waiver, construction and more!


Intellectual Property Acknowledgement: this document is used in the relationship to define the intellectual property ownership and rights. Provisions include: Ownership of Material Made within the Scope of Contract, In the Event of Employee Relationship, Agreement to Execute Further Documents, Attorneys’ Fees and Costs, Counterparts / Electronic Signatures, Entire Agreement, Governing Law and Choice of Venue


Contract Offer Letter Template is to offer contracted employment.


Non-Solicitation Agreement Template: this document is for use in a company/IC relationship to restrict the IC from soliciting business for their own gain during course the contract.Provisions include:  Non Solicitation of Customers (Actual and Prospective), Remedies, Attorney’s Fees and Costs, Governing Law, and more!


Property Inventory Form is for use inform IC of responsibilities of the property provided during the course of the contract.


Non-Disclosure Agreement Template: this Non-Disclosure Agreement is for use with ICs in your business.  Provisions include: Confidential Information (including company information, exceptions, Return of property, Company liability indemnification, Remedies, Attorney’s Fees and Costs, And more!

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