Roka R1 Goggles Review

Review: Roka R1 Goggles

Roka R1 Goggles Review

This is not sponsored or endorsed by Roka. 100% my own opinion and own cash to pay for these amazing pair of goggles.

Last weekend before Kinetic 70.3 I decided to snag these goggles off the interwebs and use them. Yes yes yes, I went against the “never try something new on race day”…well I did it. AND I WAS HAPPY TO.

These goggles are legit amazing. And it takes alot for me to say that.  As a high-school and college swimmer I’ve been stuck in my old-preferences-die-hard with using Speedo Vanquishers.  I’ve also tried others but found after time they all fogged up and were very difficult to sight for open water swimming.

In comes the Roka R1 Swim Goggles.

I legit felt like the heavens parted, angels sang and I was seeing for the first time. In fact, during my 70.3 swim I was regretting not having these at Ironman World Championships in Kona (see my photoshoot behind the scenes here)because I missed out on alot of good fish and turtled spotting! In fact, because visibility was so greatly increased I greatly cut down my “off course” swimming + was able to SEE and keep with the other leaders.


Now that they have been used in lake and pool – I’m confident in this recommendation. Many of you all have reached out and asked me goggle recommendations, so here you go.   Now I’m off to snag a few more pairs while they are 25% off this weekend!

Available on Roka website here.