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Review: Run Bottle by Smartshake

run bottle and smartshake

Smartshake provided the products for review and FitLegally® fell in LOVE.

Smartshake, one of the leading manufacturers of water and shaker bottles, has developed a new product targeted at runners; the Run Bottle. This new bottle makes hydrating on-the-go easier, quieter, and may quickly become your new favorite running companion.

Picture this: You’re out for a run with a regular water bottle. Every step you take is accompanied by an annoying sloshing and jostling.

Sound familiar?

That is what Run Bottle set out to fix, and they did it with Run Bottle. It has a patent pending pressure system, which makes your run quieter, and more enjoyable since there’s no water bouncing around in your hand. The grip is very comfortable for long runs, and all you have to do to get a drink is bite the valve. No more tipping your head back, or having to stop and sip.

I really enjoyed the lack of sloshing and splashing especially with cooler weather! This bottle kept me hydrated, dry, and comfortable. I will definitely be taking this on my runs from now on.


Capacity: 250 ml / 8.5 oz
Weight (without water): 200 g / 7 oz


Run Bottle Smartshake

Smartshake provided the product for review.

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