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This resource is headed up by Rachel Brenke.  As an athlete, MBA and lawyer, she understands the complexities and fears of running a business.  

Under her guidance, you’ll get the information you need to protect your fitness business.

Rachel leads a team of professionals to help provide the best education and tools for your fitness business.  These professionals include additional attorneys, Certified Public Accountants, Financial Planners, and more!


We are the go-to experts in fitness legalities.

Fitness Contract Downloads

Lawyer-drafted, instant-download

Legal Fitness Biz Education

Step-by-step to a legal fitness biz

Free Fitness Disclaimers 

Protect your biz with free fitness disclaimers

#1 Protect yourself with SeRVICE CONTRACT templates

Lawyer-drafted. Immediate-download. Fill-in-the-blank.

#2 Education from professionals

Lawyer + professional written education for your fitness business.

Hundreds of educational articles and years of posts with tips, tricks to help navigate your fitness business!

#3 Free Fitness Disclaimers

FREE lawyer-drafted disclaimers to get you started on your legal journey.

Are you providing advisement to your fitness clients? Whether medical, nutrition or fitness, you need to be legally protecting yourself with disclaimers.

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