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FitLegally® is the industry’s only resource with lawyers, fitness professionals and other specialized fields to keep you protected and legal. Rachel Brenke (lawyer, tri-athlete, MBA + Business Consultant, and multi-brand entrepreneur) not only knows the legal ins-and-outs of running a business, but she has a pulse on the industry as an athlete herself.

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Step 1: Liability Protection

Being a legal fitness business doesn’t have to be overwhelming!

Create Your Legal Business
Limited Liability Company Recommended.


Purchase Liability Insurance


Protect Yourself with Contracts + Disclaimers
FitLegally® template forms + contracts are easily customizable, understandable, and usable for your fitness business.


Navigating contracts + disclaimers in the fitness world is overwhelming. At minimum, most fitness businesses should have the following:


Step 2: Brand Protection

Protecting your brand = protecting your business

Copyright Your Goods
Logo  – Ensure transfer of ownership/IP
Nutrition Guides


Trademark Your Logo


Owning the brand to your fitness business can make or break your business. We’ve all heard the stories about a well-known brand that caused waves in the industry and many pros broke away, but do you know what happened after? The owners who left did not own their brand! The brand belonged to the company they were affiliated with prior to the split. Protecting your brand (including logos, guides, programs + more) is crucial to your long-term success.  Plus, if you don’t own your brand. . .then who does? (Hint: that person/company owns you until you create your own legal brand!)


Step 3: Use of Photos

Visuals are marketing gold.

Model Releases

Running a fitness business can be complex. So, on top of all the other legal stuff you’re doing, why would you need a model release? Well, let me ask you a question? Do you use images of clients or otherwise identifiable individuals in your marketing and advertising? Did those clients or individuals sign a model release? Are you certain you are not infringing on their right of publicity? Are you also certain that you are not infringing on others’ privacy rights?

These are just some of the reasons why it is important to understand what a model release is and when you need to make use of it within your fitness business. This is about educating yourself so you can protect yourself and your business! If you want a basic primer about using images on your fitness website, start here!

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