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FitLegally® is the industry’s only resource with lawyers, fitness professionals and
other specialized fields to keep you protected and legal.

See our contract templates, liability
waivers + more for your fitness business.


FITLEGALLY is the go-to legal resource for fitness businesses. With contract template forms, checklists, disclaimers, and education – you’ll be on your way to legal protection without the heavy cost of an attorney. 

Our template forms are easy-to-use – just  instantly download and fill-in-the-blank to make it specific to your fitness biz. We want you to stay focused on business and not legal issues.


Lawyer. Business Strategist. Author. Athlete. Mom.


Rachel Brenke is a taco-loving, dog-rescuing and coffee-drinking entrepreneur
from the East Coast.  She has spent over a decade helping entrepreneurs legally
protect, market effectively and strategically implement their businesses.

She is not any other lawyer. She brings legal and business strategy advice from
the perspective of being a multi-biz owner and passionate entrepreneur herself.

When Rachel isn’t helping entrepreneurs, she is hanging with her five kids or
running Ironman triathlons.


The Path to Business Success in 2021

This time of year brings about a wave of new fitness enthusiasts and business owners. The crowd in which you are sending out your message has grown drastically overnight and competition is high. Having a solid plan going forward in 2021 will set you apart from other fitness professionals advertising how they’ll help clients get

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Preparing Legally For the New Normal in 2021 with The Fitness Business Podcast

Recently, our head honcho – Rachel Brenke – had an opportunity to hang out and chat fitness business legalities with Dori Nugent from The Fitness Business Podcast. Topics covered: contracts and waivers COVID and running your business diversifying income stream during COVID model releases and social media You can find all information and listen here!

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As Seen: Washington, D.C.'s Best Lawyers + Rachel Brenke

As Seen: Washington, D.C.’s Best Lawyers + Rachel Brenke

The 2021 edition of Washington D.C.’s Best Lawyers was released on September 17, 2020. Included in this year’s list was our very own Rachel Brenke! She hit the list as one of Virginia’s top intellectual property law attorneys.     You can read the full issue here: The 2021 Best Lawyers in Washington, D.C. Not only

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Rachel at ® FitLegally is an excellent resource in verifying the best tools to you use in the Fitness industry.

Her knowledge on contracts ensures the PROPER legal protection is included for trainers and their employees.

Ashley M., 3 Degree Fitness